A Poster A Day – Heaven’s Gate poster & case study

In days of olde, when knights were bold and I was a mature student (although not as “mature” as I am now), one of my second year modules was entitled New Hollywood Cinema. A time in the late 1960s through to around 1980, this was the era of Director as Auteur; young filmmakers generally creating what they wanted and only beholdent to the Studios for financial backing. Full production control and final cut of the project was de rigueur for these directors.

Our end of module project was to undertake a five thousand word case study of any movie that fell within the remit of “New Hollywood”. Being a passionate film-goer, I was aware of the furore surrounding Heaven’s Gate, but had never committed the time to watching it. Here was a perfect opportunity to not only view this opus, but analyse it and see how it would fit within the New Hollywood era.

So, what has this to do with my regular “A Poster A Day” spot? Well, conveniently for me, Heaven’s Gate has recently undergone a full colour correction, picture and audio restoration – overseen by its director Michael Cimino. It is to be re-released tomorrow (one would assume in select theatres) and so new promotional art has been created to mark this occasion. In addition to sharing that beautiful poster with you, dear follower, I have also posted a PDF of my essay, which I hope you will read and enjoy. Please click on the link below the poster to access the document. I would recommend that you experience this wonderful piece of cinema for yourself (if you haven’t already) before you read my case study. I hope you enjoy.

Heavens Gate Rerelease Poster

Heavens Gate A Case Study Blog Document