London Has Fallen – Nonsense

Olympus Has Fallen had a certain charm. You know…when the likeable protagonist dispatches multiple bad guys by stabbing them in the cranium…that kind of charm. London Has Fallen doesn’t have any of that. What it does have though is a nonsensical premise underpinned by superfluous on-screen graphics informing the audience who’s who on the “we don’t care” list. All this plus questions, oh so many questions. I’ll start with:

Why would the German Chancellor want to watch the changing of the guard before a funeral?

Does the French President need to be sitting on a boat on the Thames just to be fashionably late?

If you were the Japanese Prime Minister would you really want to take Hammersmith Bridge to get to St. Pauls?

Are we to assume every Italian Prime Minister needs to be with his mistress on top of Westminster Abbey?

Don’t worry, I’m not spoiling the plot, just demonstrating Hollywood’s need for shonkey geography to fit a purpose. Then, of course, we have the depiction of our own simpering Premier cowering in St. Pauls leaving the dear old Pres – “leader of the free world” – to go all gung-ho-Smokin’-Joe on the terrorist’s asses. Ably supported by Gerard Butler of course. And let’s not even get started on Morgan Freeman dialling in a performance.

Still, on the upside…it’s no Blackhat.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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