In a small part of Hertfordshire, big things were going on.

Sometimes it’s the “ordinary” people that make something extraordinary. Of course, if your acting résumé includes Star Wars you really aren’t ordinary at all. Here’s a trailer for Elstree 1976, a documentary about 10 people who didn’t get top billing alongside Mark Hamill or Carrie Fisher but were – and still are – just as important to cinema’s best-loved franchise.

Imdb shows this as having an October 2015 release date, but I don’t think it had a UK-wide release. Looking online, it seems they’re getting a May 6th 2016 release in the US at a few indie theatres and as for a Blu Ray/ DVD release, well, I just don’t know. Which is a shame, because it looks like Jon Spira has created a really great piece of documentary cinema.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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