Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2

While AMC’s spin-off of the incredibly popular Walking Dead posted some serious ratings numbers for its debut season, the reviews weren’t exactly glowing. With an imdb rating of 7.4/10 from nearly 47,00 users (to date), the general “review” consensus was one of apathy towards its “slow-burn” nature and irritation towards some of the characters. I think they were missing the point.

Fear the Walking Dead is the perfect foil to The Walking Dead. We – the audience – knew/ know what’s coming. We’re in a privileged position, which affords us the opportunity of hindsight. We are also afforded the opportunity of experiencing the downfall of society from the get-go, rather than be dropped into the zombie outbreak weeks down the line, which is the starting point for The Walking Dead pilot. Watching these characters develop an understanding of their situation and react accordingly was/ is a new experience for Walking Dead fans. That this is an entirely new avenue of original storytelling for Robert Kirkman and his team, rather than adapting existing material, is an exciting prospect.

So, with the new season of Fear the Walking Dead almost upon us, here’s a very nice poster to get us in the mood.


Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 airs in the US on 10th April and here in the UK on the AMC Global channel (only available to BTSports subscribers) on 11th April.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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