Goosebumps – Diverting

In all fairness, there’s nothing really motivating me to write a review of Goosebumps. It was one of those rare occasions when my wife, teenage daughter and myself found we had the time to go to the cinema together. We liked the look of the trailer – there seemed to be a little “spooky” edge to the movie – and we all like Jack Black. At 103 minutes, it’s not exactly taxing when it comes to the run time and I found the pacing of the narrative pleasant enough. I was invested in the characters, all were played with assurance and I especially liked Champ – the somewhat “geeky looking” comic aside, played with fervour by Ryan Lee.

The CGI used to create the myriad of monsters, ghosts and ghouls was effective and the overall appearance and presentation of the film reminded me of a more wholesome era of movie-making. Unfortunately, all this was not enough for my better half, who expressed a level of disappointment with the movie akin to “Meh!” She was hoping for something better, something befitting the rarity of the family-outing-to-the-cinema occasion. Which was a shame. Personally, I enjoyed it, but in retrospect, I can see where my wife was coming from. It’s taken me 3 days to muster up the enthusiasm to write this review, so perhaps therein lies the problem. For all its “of the moment” enjoyment, Goosebumps is quickly forgotten. I suppose it’s a bit like ordering a lemonade float. The excitement and wonder of watching all that froth explode into life as the dollop of ice cream is plonked into the glass of fizzy pop is soon forgotten and all you’re left with is a glass of carbonated drink mixed with melted gelato.

Goosebumps is an entirely enjoyable film and if you find yourself at a loose end, by all means, go and see it. Just don’t expect the memory to last.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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