SW Ep VIII – it’s started!

So, with a warm and fuzzy feeling encapsulating most of the planet with regards the excellent Episode VII, it’s now time to crank up the anticipation for Rian Johnson’s take on the Star Wars universe.

We’ve had announcement trailers for trailer releases (which I don’t really get), now we’ve got announcement trailers for the beginning of principle photography. Yeah, I know, it’s sad, but I’ve been sucked in like the Millennium Falcon on a Death Star tractor beam with this one!

There’s just something about that beginning – the sound, the music, Skellig Island, the sight of an older Luke. I have faith in Mr Johnson. He’s writing and directing this one and he wrote and directed Looper, which was mind-blowing! We’ll have to wait until 15th December 2017, so it’s not  too long! Oh…hold on…

Thank you for reading 🙂


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