Posters Sir. For Triple 9 Sir. Thousands of them!

Triple 9 – released today in the UK – gives us a chance to see what Aaron Paul did after his (fortunately for him) ever-so brief appearance in Exodus: Gods & Kings, what Gal Gadot was in before she’s forever remembered as “the actress that plays Wonder Woman” (that is, of course, if Batman v Superman is the mega-hit we all hope it is) and what Norman Reedus does in his downtime between seasons of The Walking Dead – just how good is that show, by the way?

With reports suggesting the production budget to be around $28m, it appears director John Hillcoat has garnered great value considering the size and quality of the cast on offer. As such, it may also come as little surprise as to the increased coverage this particular release has been given in terms of trailers and TV spots – squeeze the production budget and gamble that little extra on advertising to boost the numbers, perhaps.

To that end, we are treated to not one, not two, but three different sets of character posters! OK, so one of them is in French and may have been produced by a different distribution company, but cheaper outlooks on advertising campaigns would just have rehashed an existing set and translated it into the relevant language.

Oh, how I love a good set of character posters! But in fairness, this first set – produced for the UK market – is a little uninspiring.

What about set number two? Well, it gives us a hint as to the character traits of everyone involved, which is nice. But, alas, they’ve ditched Gal Gadot and Clifton Collins Jr. from the line up, which is strange. Perhaps the US market – which this set was produced for – will be wondering who they are?

And finally we have our French set, which is back up to the full compliment of characters. Interestingly, there’s a slightly different lower image on the Woody Harrelson poster, but I don’t know what that’s all about. Suffice to say, this – along with the complimenting head-shot one-sheet above – is my favourite set.

So there you have it. A staggering 28 posters for one movie. I don’t even think they produced that many for Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Hollywood moves in mysterious ways, doesn’t it?

Thank you for reading 🙂


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