Best. Music. Ever

So, I woke up this morning and found those lovely people over at Warner Bros. had uploaded a new trailer for Suicide Squad. I thought the footage used at Comic-Con 2015 was good. This is better! Enjoy.

Worst. Superheroes. Ever.

They’re being very canny with the marketing strategy for this one. In all honesty, I was on board the day they announced Will Smith was going to be involved. His career has been on a bit of a slide of late, so to be involved with this kind of project is a somewhat ballsy move. You wouldn’t normally associate such a (perceived) big star signing up for an ensemble piece. He’s usually a one-man-band when it comes to starring in films, but as I say, perhaps his lack of a bone-fide box office hit in the last few years has made him consider other options. And what better way than to get on the superhero gravy train?

By the way, how good is that use of footage, editing and sound editing to hit the beats on an all-time classic? It’s definitey up there with the scene from Wayne’s World insofar as enjoyment of a Queen track goes!

Thank you for reading 🙂


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