The Revenant – Extraordinary

Quite simply put, The Revenant is a beautiful film. Whether it is to gaze upon the maelstrom of brutality beset the principles of this movie or the harshness of reality that is the Western Frontier, Alejandro González Iñárritu and his Cinematographer – Emmanuel Lubezki – have fashioned a piece of cinema that blurs the lines between Film and Art.

What brings you to the end of the world?

Here-in lies the crux of the “white man’s” perception of the world. These trappers of 1823 epitomise the so-called civilised western society’s need to dominate and take. Their perception of the “end of the World” showing their inability to comprehend anything beyond what they have discovered. That the indigenous species – whether human of animal – are of no consequence to their limited perceptions reinforces the blinkered attitudes of this usurper of the wilderness. There are, of course, exceptions and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hugh Glass is one. He is able to speak a Native American dialect and is employed as a scout/ guide for the trappers, clearly indicating his affinity with the land and its peoples.

Mr Dicaprio’s performance is outstanding and worthy of any awards thrust his way. At times his physical performance negates the need for language (of any kind) – we are plainly transfixed, transported to a world of history and invested in Glass’ journey. Here is a character who is driven by a single emotion; a love for his son that knows no bounds. For all the communing with his chosen home however, Tom Hardy’s John Fitzgerald offers a polar opposite outlook. This land is for the taking and personal gain is all that matters. Fitzgerald is yet another well-rounded character created by Mr Hardy – a fine addition to an already great catalogue of performances. Special mention must also go to Domhnall Gleeson, who once again finds himself in a fantastic film and brings his “A” game.

Much can be said about The Revenant, but why waste words when you should simply go and experience it for yourself. This is cinema at its finest, from a director who is at the top of his game. At times brutal, but often beautiful, The Revenant will be one of the best films you’ve ever seen.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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