So, in preparation for seeing Creed tonight, I thought I’d dig up some posters from the Rocky films over the years. My personal favourite (film-wise) is Rocky III, but in fairness they are all solid, enjoyable films to watch except Rocky V, which is a bit of a travesty.

With the six films spanning some 30 years, they are an interesting set to watch insofar as film “styles” have changed over the years. Yes, the Rocky “format” hasn’t changed much, but film styles have evolved somewhat since 1976 and we can see these films representing those changes to a degree.

Anyway, here’s the posters – together with the one sheet for this latest instalment – for your edification.

It’s nice to see the Rocky Balboa poster echoing the style of the original. I feel Mr Stallone was hoping to bring the franchise back full-circle (not just with the poster but the whole production) and to a certain degree he succeeded. It has a more contemplative theme; a return to the original’s core values. Together with the excellent Copland, Balboa demonstrates the acting prowess of Sylvester Stallone, something that has been all but lost over the years when considering his body of work. Which is a shame.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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