Timing is…


I don’t really think Warner Bros. were ever going to win with this one. From the stratospheric high of “Chewie, we’re home” we were always going to be a little let down by anything we saw after that. And that anything just so happens to be the Big Push from DC Entertainment/ Warner Bros. to muscle in on the hitherto unchallenged Marvel Cinematic Universe. Take a look.

I like it. You’ve got to have a Yin for every Yang and DC/ Warner are clearly invested in Christopher Nolan’s gritty “realism” of the Dark Knight franchise and all who now fall within the DC realm. There’s no point in going for the brightly coloured, “jokey edge” that’s worked so well for the MCU. You’ve got to be seen to be trying something different and that’s where we are with the DC Universe. OK, so it’s a bit of a come-down from J J’s (hopefully) Lazarus-like resurrection of (almost) everybody’s favourite space-dwelling characters, but I’m sure on any other day most of us would be getting extremely excited for the next chapter in the Dark Knight’s world.

I know Zack Snyder isn’t particularly popular with the fanboys and girls of this world, but I really like his style and was totally invested in his retelling of the Superman story. With Mr. Nolan behind him (a bit like Mr. Whedon at Marvel), gently guiding the DC projects along the path he created with the Dark Knight franchise, I’m sure we’re in for a real treat. So let’s get on board the good train “gritty” and see where it takes us.

And after all that brooding darkness, here’s something to draw you towards the light of happiness. Feast your eyes on a couple of fantastic new one-sheets for Colin Trevorrow’s entry into the world of genetically created dinosaurs. They’re doozies!

Thank you for reading 🙂


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