Arnie + zombies =

Maggie. Probably not what you were expecting in terms of a film title, but there you go. This is the directorial debut of Henry Hobson and stars everyone’s favourite former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, together with Abigail Breslin (yes the younger sister from Zombieland) and Joely Richardson.

Since I read about this latest chapter in the Austrian Oak’s oeuvre, I’ve been looking forward to seeing what it was going to look like. I very much like the premise and the trailer has done a good job of heightening my anticipation for the film. Have a look for yourself.

For all those Arnie fans out there I’m sure you’re looking forward to hearing such classics as:

Get to the chomper!

Or perhaps…

If it feeds, we can kill it.

How about…

If it’s deed, we can kill it.

…I’ll get my coat…

Thank you for reading 😉


One thought on “Arnie + zombies =

  1. How about “COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE” … ?

    Or “You’re one… *ugly* motherfucker !”

    Or “What the hell *are* you ?”



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