Wild Card – Gratifying

Wild Card quad

There’s no question with any of Jason Statham‘s films that you don’t want to mess with him! (Generally) death and (sometimes) destruction follow in his wake, usually in the name of righteous justice. Of course, as I’ve mentioned previously, I haven’t seen all his films and my attempts to watch one a week have fallen by the wayside somewhat of late; so it may well be that tucked into the canon of work The Stath has undertaken over the past 17 years there are one or two “bad guy” roles. It certainly looks like his feet are in the “Antagonist” camp when viewing the trailers for the upcoming (Fast) Furious 7.

That being said, our Protagonist in his latest offering, Wild Card, is pretty standard fayre – a likeable enough fellow with a sketchy “Special Forces” background and a penchant for dispatching anyone that gets in his way with anything other than a firearm; and that makes for some very interesting altercations. Originally entitled Heat and made as a vehicle for Burt Reynolds back in 1986, this is a direct remake from the original script by William Goldman. Yes, that William Goldman. The one that wrote All the President’s Men and Marathon Man and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and I could go on!

W Statham v01

That’s gonna smart in the morning!

Unfortunately, Wild Card isn’t at that kind of level, but it is an interesting film, brought to us by the ever-so-capable direction of Simon West. Yes, that Simon West. The guy that brought us Con Air and The Expendables 2 and Lara Croft (sorry?!?) and I couldn’t go on! Mr West does have previous with the almighty Stath, directing yet another remake, The Mechanic, back in 2011 (which I still haven’t seen!) so he knows how the frame our eponymous hero. So all the boxes are checked.

  1. Do a remake – check
  2. Use the original script to keep costs down. If it’s been written by someone good, all the better – check
  3. Get a director I’ve worked with previously so he knows what I want – check
  4. Stand back and let me do my thing – check
W Statham v02

Death from above!

Wild Card isn’t going to break any box office records, but like I’ve said before, The Stath does exactly what he says on the tin! You know what you’re going to get and generally speaking you’re not going to be let down. I have to say, I’ve seen some bigger budget movies of late >cough< Jupiter Ascending >cough< with far bigger promotional budgets that have been downright rank. Wild Card is 92 minutes of entertainment and 92 minutes you won’t mind spending with the world’s favourite British action hero. Go see it. You’ll enjoy it. And if you don’t, I’ll send Nick Wild round to sort you out!

Thank you for reading 🙂


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