Future Presentations

That’s what used to be displayed on the screen after the “Pearl & Dean” ads (yes I really am that old!) and before they played any trailers in the cinema.

Anyway, enough of the nostalgia. This week brings the opportunity to catch up on one or two of the following. Blackhat, The Wedding Ringer, Project Almanac and Fifty Shades. A glance at my Flixster app tells me not one of these films is considered “Fresh” by Rotten Tomatoes, with the best of the bunch clocking in at a heady 35% Rotten…not a good week.

I’m not going to have the chance to see all four (which may be a blessing), but viewing two of them would be good. I’ll definitely be seeing Blackhat today, despite its 33% Rotten rating. This really surprises me when considering its pedigree; can Michael Mann really be responsible for such a dog? I’ll be finding out soon enough. I really should see Fifty Shades as well. Such a box office smash deserves a chance and I’m no prude. The only problem is that my wife is very busy and isn’t going to be able to accompany me to the cinema. Which means I’m going to have to go on my own and probably look like some sad old pervert in the process. Oh well, I don’t really care; I’ve come to realise that post-40 is a fantastic time of life purely based on the fact that the older I get, the less I actually care about other people’s perceptions of me. Perhaps I’ll take a box of tissue with me to make my fellow cinema goers and the multiplex staff feel really uncomfortable…

Moving on. If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t really been doing anything else on this blog other than reviewing films my reply is:

  • I’ve been watching lots of films and don’t really have time for anything else.
  • I haven’t seen a decent trailer that’s hit me like a freight train for ages. So what’s the point in posting mediocrity?

But fortunately I’ve found a bit of time today for this catch-up, so I hope reading something other than a review is a welcome change.

And my One Word Review for the Academy Awards this year is Forseeable. I’m not going to go through each award and discuss the whys and wherefores but I would like to ask, “How in the hell did Interstellar win Best Achievement in Visual Effects over Dawn of the Planet of the Apes?!?” What have the guys and girls at Weta Digital got to do to bring that one home? I really liked Interstellar, but Holy Guacamole!

Thank you for reading 🙂


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