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Of all the current world leaders, I’m guessing Kim Jong Un is probably the easiest target to ridicule. In fairness, it’s no mean feat to piss off an entire nation, cause a well publicised hacking “incident” and garner a bucket-load of free publicity for your movie. That’s probably where North Korea got it wrong – although the subsequent fall-out led to the eventual demise of Sony’s Amy Pascal, the whole hoo-ha raised the profile of The Interview. That being said, its limited release at the box office in America severely dented its business with a current domestic gross of $6.1m. Bearing in mind directors Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogan‘s previous release – This Is the End – stood to $101.4m domestically, we’re definitely in barren territory here!

Interview poster

I haven’t really got that much to say about The Interview – I left the cinema feeling kind of “meh!” I suppose you could notch this one up to being one of those “high concept” comedies; not that I’m one for pidgeonholing movies. As I’ve already pointed out, sharing the same directors as This Is the End (which itself is another example of “high concept”), The Interview flatters to deceive. There’s no doubting the onscreen chemistry between Seth Rogan and James Franco, but Pineapple Express apart, they’ve not found a vehicle since to tap into that relationship.

James Franco as Dave Skylark (L) & Seth Rogan as Aaron Rapaport

James Franco as Dave Skylark (L) & Seth Rogan as Aaron Rapaport (R)

That’s not to say The Interview is bad, far from it. It’s just not as good as it could have been. They’ve clearly had a ball making it and invested a considerable amount of money when considering the set-pieces within the film. I like “wacky”, “zany”, “out there” comedy as much as the next man/ woman. The ridiculousness of Will Ferrell never fails to amuse me. It was clear while I was viewing The Interview that the other cinema-goers were enjoying it far more than I, but it could have elevated itself beyond the baser elements. It’s not good enough to bring yourself down to the lowest common denominator. Anal insertions, sex-based comedy and a lot of swearing will only get you so far. The Interview was an opportunity missed, but is still worth a visit to your local flix.

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