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Fant4stic banner

There are lots of fanboys/girls out there that just don’t like it when news filters through about “their” beloved characters being recreated in a way that isn’t canon. The latest attempt at creating a Fantastic 4 franchise is such an example. As its release date – August 6th in the UK – approaches and with no sign of any promotional material, the naysayers were positively frothing at the mouth; knickers were being twisted.

Fant4stic poster v01

The studio involved (20th Century Fox) must be wondering what they’ve got to do to appease the fan base, bearing in mind the package of talent that’s been put together for this thing.

  • It’s directed by Josh Trank who did a wonderful job with found-footage “superhero” movie Chronicle.
  • Miles Teller, straight off the back of a stellar performance in Whiplash, is playing the leader of the Fantastic 4, Reed Richards.
  • Kate Mara is to fill the shoes of Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman. Her pivotal role in the delicious House of Cards garnered her a well deserved Primetime Emmy Award nomination.
  • Michael B. Jordan will play Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch. A Chronicle alumni, Mr. Jordan is clearly an outstanding young talent – Fruitvale Station is a fantastic example of what he brings to the party. I don’t really need to go on.
  • And finally we have Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm aka The Thing. Once again, a brilliant young talent that seems to have been around for years, yet he’s only 28 years young. Storming to prominence with Billy Elliot, Mr. Bell has proven over the intervening years that he’s definitely got what it takes to raise the level of anything he’s been in.

So all-in-all some great casting for the “super group” and a director with obvious talent. Sometimes we’ve got to trust in the people involved and let them get on with it. Take a look at the teaser trailer to whet the appetite.

By my reckoning it’s looking very interesting and I’m certainly on board to see what Mr. Trank comes up with for this new origin story. As for the promotional artwork, well it’s not exactly inspiring but here’s hoping the finished article is Fant4stic.

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