The Week Ahead

I’ve given my Cineworld Unlimited card quite a bashing so far this year and there’s no let up in the week ahead. Although the good people at Cineworld also give you a 10% discount on the “wonderful” sweetmeats and comestibles that are available at the counter, that’s certainly something I don’t indulge in. At the current rate of cinema-going, by the end of 2015 I may well have seen around 150 films, but never spent a penny on the stuff that makes our local multiplexes any money. I’m paying £196.80 per year for my card, but at £9.32 per film ticket I could be spending a whopping £1,398 to see 150 films this year – I like those kinds of numbers!

Testament of Youth quad

Anyway, back to the more important stuff. This week sees the opportunity to view Mortdecai, Testament of Youth, The Gambler and A Most Violent Year. Now, I’m pushed for time this week – life getting in the way and all that – so I’m probably only going to be able to catch 3 of the 4. Here’s the films I’m going to see and why…


This has been pushed quite hard in the UK both at the cinema and on TV and, I’m reliably informed by my wife, on the side of London buses! It’s a pretty good indication that all is not well with the world and a quick look at Rotten Tomatoes confirms that. Rated at 13% Rotten from 57 reviews (to date) I think we may well have seen all the “best bits” in the trailer. Ouch! There’s 2 reasons why I’m going to see it.

  1. A potential car crash for a well-appointed cast, I see it as my “duty” to experience it and then possibly warn you off the experience!
  2. The show times fit in with my schedule.

They also have a nice little set of character posters, although I would also have liked to see one for Paul Bettany.

A Most Violent Year

  • The latest offering from J.C. Chandor – the man who gave us All Is Lost (which, to my shame, I still haven’t seen!) starring Robert Redford.
  • Two Oscar Isaac films in less than a week can’t be a bad thing.
  • The chance to see Jessica Chastain, who is fast becoming one of my favourite actresses.
  • And the hot-right-now David Oyelowo, who was utterly captivating in Selma.

It’s a match made in cinematic heaven! Oh, and they’ve got a nice one-sheet.

A Most Violent Year poster v01

The Gambler

This is Rupert Wyatt‘s follow up to Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Having “walked” during pre-production for Dawn…, Mr. Wyatt now presents us with The Gambler. While it’s had some fair-to-middling reviews, I’m all-in when to comes to anything from him after being blown-away by his break-out feature The Escapist. Starring a rather paired-down Mark Wahlberg, I was hooked not only by the trailer but also at the opportunity to see Jessica Lange and John Goodman. Hopefully it will be nice to see them flexing their acting muscles in more substantial roles than those given to them of late.

The other reason to see it? Well, bearing in mind those reviews, it’s on its second week of release and I’m not sure it’ll be showing at a time conducive to my cinema outings in its third week, if at all. So I’m catching it while it’s still around. Oh and the poster is merely ho-hum. Shame…

Gambler poster v01

So that leaves Testament of Youth, which I’m going to try to catch the week after next. It’s one of those films that’ll run for a while and be popular with the “older” afternoon crowd, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to see it then. Plus my mother-in-law wants to know what it’s like. Unfortunately she’s going to have to wait a little longer to find out if it’s any good!

Thank you for reading 🙂


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