Three out of five ain’t bad

Chappie banner

So today, dear reader, I thought I’d have a little catch up on my previous post. Of the 5 films I wished to see, I’ve already managed to see 3 of them, plus another I thought I’d missed on the big screen, namely The Imitation Game. I’m pretty pleased with that! I’m looking forward to seeing Foxcatcher this week as well as The Theory of Everything and Wild. I don’t think Enemy is going to be coming to my local multiplex, but it is available online through Curzon Home Cinema.

As for future releases, here’s a poster and trailer for Neill Blomkamp‘s next release, Chappie.

Chappie poster v01

The wonderful Sharlto Copley is on motion-capture duties to bring the title character to life and is joined by Huge Action (always entertaining & easy on the eye), Sigourney Weaver (probably getting more screentime than Exodus) and Dev Patel (if you haven’t seen how goood he is in The Newsroom you’ve missed a real treat). From the look of the trailer I’m hoping we’re in for something special and we haven’t got that long to wait as Chappie hits the UK on March 6th this year. Enjoy the trailer.

Thank you for your continued readership. I hope you’re enjoying reading this blog as much as I’m enjoying writing it 🙂


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