Tak3n – Crass

Tak3n bannerI thought I was plumbing the depths when sitting through 150 minutes of Hollywood religious story telling earlier this week, but little did I know how far I had to go. Be thankful for small mercies. On glancing at IMDb (Thursday 8th January 2015) I’m staggered to see Tak3n rating at 7.8 from some 2731 users! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the first two films – something of a guilty pleasure I suppose – but this is just a film too far.

Here’s what’s wrong with Olivier Megaton‘s *cough* made-up-name *cough* latest three-quel (he also did Transporter 3).

  • No amount of “funky” editing is going to make us believe our 63-year-old protagonist is going to outrun a pursuing Police Officer some 35 years his junior.
  • Using camerawork which looks like its operator is having some kind of “episode” while filming will not make chases – on foot or car-bound – seem more exciting/ faster paced/ dangerous/ you get the picture.
  • Generally, the movie-going public are an intelligent lot, so they do not need reminding through lazy flashback moments how the narrative is progressing and how we got to where we are at any particular point in the film.
  • We are also intelligent enough to spot glaring continuity errors when using vehicles in “action” sequences. There are plenty of those and generally point to lazy filmmaking and/ or a clear need to look after the budget.
  • We do not need a summary of all that has happened at the denouement – although if you arrive at that point in the film, it will have saved you from the previous 90-odd minutes…and that’s a good thing!
  • There’s only so much Liam Neeson can do with material this thin. They must have blown the budget on hiring him and Forest Whitaker!
T Neeson Whitaker

When Liam meets Forest

There’s not that much going on in Tak3n for all its frenetic pacing, which is a shame because, as I’ve already said, the first two were pretty good. They’re now just milking an already dead cow. Here’s hoping M. Besson hasn’t put the wheels in motion for T4ken – do you see what I did there?!?

Thank you for reading 🙂


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