New Mad Max & The Rock Disaster Movie…Dystopian Future?

I do like a trailer to whet the appetite and there’s 2 for you to view today.

First up is the long-awaited “reboot”(?) of the Mad Max canon. I have to admit to viewing the obligatory teaser trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road earlier this year and wondering what the hell was going on! It’s pretty much the same with the latest offering, but there’s no denying the visuals used in the trailer are, at times, quite spectacular. Now I’m not wetting myself with anticipation for this one; truth be told, it’s only Tom Hardy that’s keeping my interest piqued, so here’s hoping it’s not a dud. So, to give you enough bang for your buck, I’m also posting 2 versions of the latest poster – I prefer the “washed out” version – as well as some character posters. As you may know by now, I also like a good set of character posters.

And for my second offering, we have what looks like a Roland Emmerich-esque disaster movie carried by none other than Dwayne Johnson and helmed by Brad Peyton. “Who he?” I here you ask. Well, so far he’s done a Cats & Dogs sequel and the sequel to the Journey to the Centre of the Earth remake (also starring the eponymous Rock) so he’s not exactly covered himself in glory. Still, I like to look of San Andreas. The marketing boys have done what they need to do and crammed as much emotion and concern into the 2 minutes that they can. And Paul Giamatti is in it. Oh, and I’ve got a nice banner for you as well, but no character posters…sorry.

San Andreas banner

Thank you for reading đŸ™‚


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