Ooga Chaka…

There’s nothing like being late to the party…but better late than never I suppose!

Following on from yesterday’s trailer awesomeness, I bring to you a first glimpse of Marvel Studios’ Phase Two offering, Guardians of the Galaxy (to be released August 2014). Now I know this thing’s been doing the rounds for a couple of weeks, but cut me some slack…apathy is a willing bedfellow! So, while you may have witnessed our first glimpse at the titular quintet of Galactic Mayhem (or so it seems from the trailer), as a bonus feature I’ve added some videos giving you a slightly closer, albeit brief, look at each member of the “team”…and “You’re Wecome” 🙂

Oh, and please scroll to the end…there’s a poster as well.







So…pretty good huh? As I touched upon when covering last year’s Comic-Con, this is the Marvel Phase Two film I’m most excited about; if only because James Gunn is directing. We certainly get a sense of Mr. Gunn’s usual tone when viewing the trailer. And as I stated in that previous blog, if you want to have an idea of what his “usual tone” is, check out Slither and Super.

In addition to the first trailer for GotG, we were also treated to its first poster. While it’s pretty standard fare in terms of look and layout, the thing that sets this poster apart from any other is the tagline at the bottom. Here’s hoping it was in response to the overwhelming outcry of approval for the trailer that was released the day before the poster arrived.


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