Holy Guacamole!!

In the not too dim-and-distant past I espoused my feelings towards the modern movie poster. Here is the latest example of where the Hollywood Machine can still get things right. A glorious one-sheet for the impending (May) release of Gareth Edward’s Godzilla; and should my monthly incomings and outgoings allow, one which will be adorning a wall of my family abode (hopefully) soon.


So, now you have perused the delight that is Godzilla’s latest poster, here for your delight and delectation is the latest trailer for said release. Words cannot describe the AWESOMENESS that is this latest offering. To say that I’m totally stoked for this would be somewhat of an understatement! Watch this sucker on the biggest screen you have and turn it up to 11. You won’t be disappointed!


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