2 Guns – The Denzel & Mark Show!

2 Guns poster 2

I’m a total trailer junkie and am usually completely sucked in by the hoopla of it all. So when the sizzle reel came along for 2 Guns, I was hooked. How bad could it be? A film starring one of the best actors working today – Denzel Washington – and one of the most watchable – Mark Wahlberg. So they seemed to show a little too much of the action, those weren’t going to be the best bits surely? And it had that girl from M:I – Ghost Protocol and she’s hot! What’s not to like?

And so it came to pass. My Cineworld Unlimited card (and no, I’m not getting paid to advertise it) affords me the opportunity to watch anything I like as often as I like. No harm, no foul and straight from the get-go this latest offering in the buddy-movie genre (if there is such a thing) works. We’re buoyed along by the narrative as well as the on-screen chemistry of Messrs Washington and Wahlberg. I was genuinely invested in their respective narrative arcs and wholly enjoyed the interplay between their characters. It is also great to see Bill Paxton and Edward James Olmos relishing their roles – both are a great bit of casting. Mr Paxton plays the slimy SoB with aplomb, while Mr Olmos creates an aura of foreboding that eats up every scene he’s in. But this really is the Denzel and Mark show. And while I sit here, trying to think of something else to write about, it really doesn’t matter. This movie isn’t going to stop the world from spinning. It’s not some profound essay on the machinations of drug cartels and the ever shifting environs of covert administrations. It’s an excellent example of the Hollywood star vehicle. It does what is says on the tin. Balls-to-the-wall entertainment – nothing more, nothing less. Go see it. I’ll be shocked if you don’t enjoy it.


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