The Heat – Good Cop, Funny Cop

The Heat poster

It’s been quite a while since I’ve laughed so much in a cinema whilst watching a film. Straight from the get-go I hoped The Heat would be as funny as the trailer promised it would be. I’ve been sucked in before and come to realise that the funniest bits had been used in the trailer, but not so here. Melissa McCarthy had been used to great effect in Paul Feig‘s previous outing, Bridesmaids, almost stealing the show from an on-song Kristen Wiig and she is true to form here. I’ll admit to not seeing Identity Thief, but only by the virtue of not getting round to it rather than not wanting to see it. I realise it’s not been particularly well reviewed, but I think she’s highly watchable at the moment and am quite happy to commit a small proportion of my life watching one of her movies.

Bullock and McCarthy TH

Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy bringing The Heat

The Heat could and probably has been seen as a mildly interesting pastiche on an already hackneyed formula – buddy cop movie etc. – but is elevated beyond the sum of its parts most notably by outstanding performances from its two leads. Sandra Bullock is the perfect foil to Melissa McCarthy’s foul-mouthed street detective, allowing for numerous set-ups that are genuinely, laugh-out-loud funny. To go into details would spoil the fun and I wholeheartedly mean that. I had the privilege of viewing The Heat with my nephews, niece and their respective partners, all of whom were glad they accompanied me (and that wasn’t because I’m scintillating company). I think it’s fair to say that knowing their taste in films, they wouldn’t really have been falling over themselves to pay good money to see The Heat, so it’s a testament to the comedy on offer that all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We’re not talking high-brow here – enlightenment will not be found in it’s 117 minute running time, but The Heat is a bone-fide pleasure and Melissa McCarthy is a bone-fide comedy gem.


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