The Wolverine – Huge Action (sic)

The Wolverine

Empire gave Huge’s latest foray into The Wolverine canon a three star review, while Rotten Tomatoes can attest to a 68% fresh outlook (averaging out 191 reviews at 6.3/10). I know I’m late to the party, but this is knocking on the door of an eight for me, but what the hell do I know? You wouldn’t immediately peg James Mangold as the sort of director to attach himself to a franchise such as this, but I’m glad he has. There is no doubting his abilities as a quality filmmaker – Cop Land alone is a fantastic piece of work, so to have that plus Walk the Line and 3:10 to Yuma on your CV gives every indication that Mr Mangold’s got game!

The Wolverine

Huge Action as The Wolverine – yes, eye-watering, I know!

Huge Action (sic) looks great doesn’t he? A body to die for and those rugged good looks clearly fit the bill for our hero who is struggling with his own immortality and inner demons. This is the sort of meaty narrative we wanted for Logan – watching him wrestle to accept and let go of the past, and to understand that he has a future in his Mutant world. Great support from a very strong (mainly) Japanese cast rounds out this feature and elevates it beyond the mundane. I was truly engrossed with one particular sequence during the first third of the movie, and while it meanders a little towards its final act I was still committed to the storytelling. This is definitely one of the brighter moments in the X-Men movie pantheon and is well worth the admission fee. Oh, and stick around through the end credit sequence – you won’t be disappointed!


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