A Poster A Day – Tom Hanks Rules!

Just like a London bus, you wait for ages for a Tom Hanks film to come along and then two show up at once. If you’re lucky enough to score tickets to this year’s London Film Festival (LFF) Opening Gala and Closing Gala you’ll have the pleasure of seeing just those two films. I’ve already posted about the (hopefully) delightful Saving Mr. Banks which will close the LFF, so now for your delight and delectation I give you Captain Phillips, an altogether different kind of movie and the Festival’s opening number.

As far as I’m concerned, Paul Greengrass films define “gritty realism”, so his latest offering – based upon actual events that took place as a freighter was hijacked by Somali pirates – certainly looks to fall within those parameters. The initial trailer was released some three months ago, but it’s these latest two and a half minutes that cranks up the tension and pulls the viewer in. Fortunately we will only have to wait until October this year to feel a part of the hijacked crew, so hopefully this trailer will tide you over until then.

And if that’s not enough, hopefully these atmospheric posters will aid in assuaging the waiting time as well.


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