A Poster A Day – Neill Blomkamp bringing the Sci-Fi!

I would suggest that most of us wondered what was going on when a young, virtually unknown filmmaker by the name of Neill Blomkamp was handed the reins to the movie adaptation of Halo. When that collapsed in pre-production due to money concerns, we had to wait a little while to finally find out what Mr Blomkamp was all about when it came to feature-length projects. Probably one of the best original science fiction movies to be released in recent years, District 9 delivered and had us wishing we’d seen Mr Blomkamp’s vision of the Halo universe.

Now, a very long four years later, we’re about to see Elysium, starring Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and the eponymous Sharlto Copley. So here’s a whizzy extended trailer…

…and a couple of very nice posters. Enjoy 🙂


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