A Poster A Day – Robert Redford’s great, isn’t he?

Good-gosh-almighty I hope I look as good as Robert Redford does at 76 years of age! And I mean just in terms of not looking his age, because, quite frankly, there’s no one on this planet that’s as good-looking as Mr Redford. He doesn’t do much acting these days, so when he is attached to a project it’s probably worth taking a look. An official selection for this years Cannes Film Festival, All Is Lost is a single-hander, with Mr Redford portraying a sailor faced with his own mortality.

Post-Cannes online buzz points towards a career defining performance, with the strong possibility of at least a few nominations come 2014 awards season, so November 2013 can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned. To whet your appetite I’ve posted the trailer for All Is Lost as well as a couple of minimalist but effective one-sheets. A word of caution – I’ve had to use the YouTube version of the trailer, as when trying to view the trailer posted by Yahoo all I got was frustrating “jerky-vision” playback (and before you say it, yes I do have a nice 30Mbps connection speed!). I say caution because if you do watch the trailer I’m afraid you’re going to have to endure a 20s TV spot for the putrid mess that is Grown Ups 2 embedded before the “main feature”! I do apologise. Anyway I hope you enjoy the trailer and think the one-sheets are worth a gander.


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