A Poster A Day – Mr Hanks does Mr Disney

Quite frankly, I could watch Tom Hanks watching paint dry – he is my out-and-out favourite actor. I even liked the Coen brother’s reworking of The Ladykillers primarily due to Mr Hanks’ delicious performance. So my delight knew no bounds when I came across this excellent trailer for Saving Mr. Banks and was treated to lovely sight of Tom Hanks playing Walt Disney. The added bonus of course is the involvement of Emma Thompson – she’s great too!

I’d seen the poster for this feature a few weeks ago and didn’t really pay too much attention to it – and that is entirely to my detriment! Whether viewing the poster would pique your interest to seek out the trailer or vice versa, whoever it is over at The Cimarron Group that has created this one-sheet seems to have encapsulated the essence of this movie. You lucky people in the USA will get to see for yourselves over the Christmas period this year, while the UK will have to wait a little longer until January 2014.

Saving Mr Banks poster


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