A Poster A Day #8

On Friday this week, 5th July, the latest offering from Ben Wheatley is released. Called A Field in England, this movie is interestingly being released on what is now referred to as multi-format. This is to say, it will be simultaneously released in the cinema, on Blu-Ray & DVD, VoD and TV on the Film4 channel.

I first experienced Mr Wheatley’s work when my wife purchased Kill List on Blu-ray for me. We sat down to watch it later that evening and were left almost speechless by the end – a film that definitely warrants further viewing to fully appreciate its quality. I’ve yet to see Sightseers, but am very much looking forward to experiencing another of Mr Wheatley’s creations.

The reason for my selection of this movie for today’s poster is not just because I like the one-sheet and the quad. I also wanted to bring it to your attention as it is to be released in this “multi-format” form. Is this an indication of how smaller, independent productions are to be handled in the future? In addition to those reasons I wanted an excuse at inserting a video into a blog, and what better reason than with a trailer? So here’s the UK trailer for A Field in England.

A here’s the one-sheet and quad. I hope you find them as interesting as I do.


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