Man of Steel & why I loved it!

An alternative review

Empire Magazine gave it 4 stars and Mark Kermode was “disappointed”. The Flixster app – in conjunction with Rotten Tomatoes – is showing that, to date, out of 81 reviews, only 56% have been positive. Two people I’ve spoken to this morning both disliked it – both citing a lack of a decent script – while my best friend gave it an 8 and summarily changed that to a 9, post a quick text conversation with me.

An alternative poster

An alternative poster

I’ll put it out there straight off the bat…I LOVED it! (Use of Caps & Italics definitely intended!) I got it! I see where it’s coming from and I’m so along for the ride. It’s got all the ingredients and ticks all the boxes. Christopher Nolan (intelligent filmmaker), Zack Synder (great cinematic debut, loved 300 & Watchmen), Henry Cavill (eye-wateringly handsome), Michael Shannon (oscar-winner in waiting – watch Take Shelter to find out why), Amy Adams (great actor), Russell Crowe (in majestic form) and Kevin Costner (just keeps getting better & better). I loved the “real world” setting. I loved the playing with the chronology of the narrative. I loved the “vulnerability” of Clark/ Kal. I loved the screen-chewing presence of Zod. And I particularly loved the relationship between Clark/ Kal and his fathers.

Man of Steel alternative review

Russell Crowe as Jor-El

Maybe it was because I had been taken to the cinema by my daughter on Father’s Day, I don’t know. It just felt lovely. Jor’s sacrifice for the greater good felt so noble. Being able to see Kal interact with Jor later in the film was great – you can never get enough of Russell when he’s on that sort of form! But it was the portrayal of the relationship Clark had with his “Earth father” Jonathan that sealed the deal for me. Kevin Costner was just fantastic! As far as I’m concerned there wasn’t enough of his character in the film. And I know the final act is a bit long. I know the visuals are a bit what-the-hell-is-going-on-it’s-too-damn-much-and-too-blurry. I know it may seem too reverential. But, you know what? I. Don’t. Care. It was that central bond between Clark and his father. That sense of good. That belief that he knew his son was put on his planet to strive for the greater good.

Man of Steel alternative review

Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent

It was that core of Man of Steel that I loved!


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